Sieradenontwerpster Naturae Design

Sieradenontwerpster Naturae Design

Wat is Naturae Design?

Daniella van den Huijssen is de oprichtster en eigenaresse van Naturae Design. Hier maakt zij luxe en exclusieve haar accessoires en juwelen, allemaal met de hand. Ze gebruikt alleen de beste kwaliteit materiaal om exclusieve accessoires te creëren.


Wat heb ik voor Naturae Design gedaan?

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Naturae Design website

Our Story

Naturae Design is a boutique accessories brand inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

Bringing elements of the forest, the beach, and the mountains into delicate feminine designs – carefully created by hand in luxe materials.

The Designs are unique pieces of wearable art. Created with exquisite attention to detail. Creating statement pieces alongside bridal accessories.

Naturae Design wants to empower women everywhere through great beauty, great design and a deeper connection with the world around us. It speaks of ancient femininity with its roots in a natural, uninhibited past. Representing the freedom to write your own story and be true to your deepest self.

Daniella van den Huijssen is the creative force behind Naturae Design. The brand is her passion, a way of expressing her love for the landscapes that have inspired her throughout her life. As a child, she explored the stunning countryside around the Alps and the sense of wonder that those explorations created has never left her.

Although she walked a very different career path for a while, Daniella knew that something was missing. She hadn’t found her real adventure. After a while she began to dream of combining her passions for heirloom jewellery and naturally inspired design – Naturae was born.

Now she spends her time creating stunning art accessories for women around the world and helping them to create their very own stories. She still explores the countryside looking for flora and fauna to inspire her intricate designs and feels centred by natural spaces. She loves to spread the Naturae message, inspiring women to find their best selves in reflections of the natural world.

Explore the Naturae collection today and find a piece that inspires you.