25 May 10.00

Energy sucking clients… Never again.

After the free webinar, you know…

  1. How to stop energy leaking activities + get clear on what you want
  2. How to avoid losing your dream clients to your competitors
  3. How to get over insecurities + stop procastinating

Carefully created for the creative entrepreneurs that that world needs SO much. You just need to know how you’re needed


  • You feel misunderstood as a creative
  • You find it difficult to believe in yourself
  • You have no idea who is waiting for you
  • You attract the wrong customers (who cost you energy instead of giving you)
  • You are not clear what you want to achieve (goals)
  • You want to take steps, but you have no idea where to start

in collaboration with

You can get a lot more job satisfaction,

…because you are clear about what you want to communicate to the outside world and know what steps to take next. Then you take a good look at all the activities you perform. We analyze these together. Know where the problem is and what actions you need to take to improve it.

Who’s speaking?

Why would you take all this from me? I have years of experience with strategic branding, positioning and communication of creative freelancers. I am also a creative myself who understands your specific train of thought better than you would think – maybe better than you yourself 😉

'Ninarosa is very professional, works quickly and accurately, adheres to the specified deadlines and proactively provides suggestions and examples when they benefit the end result. In addition, Ninarosa is friendly, respectful when providing suggestions and is just fun to work with'
Andrea - Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme
'Ninarosa has made it very easy for me. I get overwhelmed quite easily and I'm not very good at marketing and copywriting, so you've taken a lot of the pressure off me here.'
- Daphne Rose - Bewust leven met Daphne Rose
“In my case, the copywriting process was quite personal and sometimes confrontational. Fortunately, Ninarosa made it a lot easier for me with her direct, yet friendly way of communicating. In addition to the texts themselves, the process has also forced me to take a critical look at myself, my offer and my company. And because of her quick and clear approach she was a good stick behind the door, exactly what one needs sometimes :)'
Jasmijn - By Jasmijn Lina
'Ninarosa has been helping us with the website, logo and design for a few years now. We are very happy with the work she has done. She is resourceful and creative, works quickly and solves problems quickly and effectively.'
Talita - Ravi Yoga
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Don’t wait for too long…

We will work with a select group of a maximum of 10 ambitious creatives. This way we keep it personal and efficient and there is enough room for questions and interaction. Do not wait to long. I’m constantly developing, so I have no idea when I’m going to give this webinar again. And if I’m going to give it at all.

Pak één van de 10 plaatsen